Save Time, Save Money!

Walk-in and drop off! No more waiting for machines or wasting time. Our new washer and dryer machines have the highest level of technology to help speed up your laundry process so we can wash your clothes in a quick, cost-efficient way and have them ready for you to pick up!

Quality Like Nowhere Else

We ensure the highest quality of washing and cleaning service. At Sunny Daze Laundromat Bridgeport CT, our customers come first. All of your clothes will come out clean, soft and smelling just the way you would like them to!

100% Support & Assistance

We offer all-round support to our customers, throughout your cleaning process. We ensure an effortless and hassle-free washing experience at The Sunny Daze Laundromat Bridgeport CT everytime!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

For us, the environment is of great importance. We have put in place a sustainable process including water efficient washing machines and the use of eco-friendly materials for all of our washing.

We Cover All Your Needs

Tired of doing laundry? Not enough time in the day? Too many other responsibilities? Let us do it for you.

Our Laundry Services are all-inclusive. We wash, dry, fold and package your clothes so that they are ready for a seamless pick up. Our intent is to fulfill all your needs, as far as your laundry is concerned. Clothes, sheets, wearables - no matter what size or kind of fabric you need washed, we can get it all covered for you! All you have to do is to come by our location, drop off your clothes and we take care of the rest! It is that simple!

Why Choose Us?

  • Best Quality Laundry Service in Bridgeport CT
  • Use of the Latest Technology & Equipment
  • Time & Cost Efficient for Washing & Drying
  • Complete Customer Support and Assistance
  • An Eco-friendly and Sustainable Approach